Tuesday, May 19, 2009


price between rm42-rm50 only...~sold out~

Monday, May 11, 2009

cerita bandung!

on 15th of may till 19th of may im going to bandung,indonesia..then 4 now i juz wanna share my experience d'bandung..agak FANTASTIK!
heaven for shopping.rase xnk balek m'sia when im there..tp ape kn daye..duet da abis.
so,i need to come back to my country..hehe
when my 1st tyme sampai sane..im feel so bed coz jaoh from my fmly..spanjang edop i.i never go away from my fmly..huhu
so,ini la my 1st trip without fmly..tp my bro still with me..kt sane g mcm2 tmpt..besh sgt..
i hope that i'll be there 4 da 2nd trip...my wish!!